What moments did you feel the loneliest?

Probably when my mom died. You just feel empty when someone like that leaves. Also, shortly after I changed schools from a small private school to my first time ever in a public school. It was lonely to me.



Hoping for love and affection can be a very lonely period of life.



There was a period in my life shortly after I immigrated to the US, when I was poor. Being poor feels incredibly lonely. You can’t participate in any activities. You withdraw from your friends. Your family doesn’t remember who you are. The world abandons you. You barely exist.



When I was in school and none of the people I called “friends” were in my classes. I sat all on my own most days and rarely had anyone to talk to. I felt so lonely and awkward. Another lonely moment I can remember is when I was first starting college and knew no one at all. I would walk around seeing people in groups, laughing and talking and I felt so lonely and like a loser.



It was a month after a friend of mine committed suicide. We always sat across from each other at lunch; we smiled, ate, laughed, and talked always. She was always the light in my dark day. She was the only one who talked to me in that class. But after she died. The seat across from me was empty, I stared at it, imagined she was there. I talked to no one. The cafeteria was loud and crowded. But in my mind it was quiet, lonely. There was a void in my heart. No matter how many times I prayed. She was still gone. And she wasn’t coming back. It was a very dark time for me. I never felt more alone, and there hasn’t been a moment since that could top that.



I feel the loneliest when I am alone watching others be happy. Sometimes you just can’t be happy so you feel isolated from all the other people because they don’t understand you. Loneliness does not just come when you are alone; it hits the hardest when you are with a group of people, yet you feel like you don’t fit in.




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